Advanced Chip Packaging - Dielectrics

Dow Electronic Materials offers two lines of dielectric materials specifically designed for a wide range of advanced packaging applications.

CYCLOTENE™ Advanced Electronics Resins from Dow Electronic Materials are high-purity polymer solutions that are either photoimageable or dry-etch and have been developed for microelectronic applications. The resins are formulated as high-solids, low-viscosity solutions, which, along with exceptional performance characteristics, make them ideal as dielectrics in wafer-level packaging applications. The hallmark of CYCLOTENE dielectric materials is its excellent electrical properties and exceptional chemical resistance. The material is used for dielectric redistribution, bumping, passivation and wafer bonding applications, among others.

INTERVIA™ Photodielectrics are epoxy-based, negative-tone permanent dielectric materials designed for use on wafers and organic/inorganic substrates. The spin-on material has a low dielectric constant, low moisture absorbance, low temperature cure, low stress, and excellent adhesive characteristics for bonding applications. INTERVIA photodielectrics can be used for passivation stress buffer, die topcoat, redistribution, permanent polymer adhesive and TSV polymer fill/metal insulator.

Aqueous Developable Dielectric,
5 μm via in 5 μm thick film after cure

INTERVIA™ Photodielectric
in WLCSP Fan Out Package
(courtesy: NXP Semiconductor)