Thick Film Materials

Hybrid Circuit Materials


Thick Film Hybrid Circuit Materials

DuPont is a leading supplier of thick film hybrid circuit materials for advanced electronic applications worldwide.

We offer the broadest selection of hybrid circuit materials, providing high reliability across different substrates, operating environments, temperatures, and metallizations.  Our extensive offering consists of material systems with proven compatibility including a full line of conductors, dielectric materials, resistor materials, encapsulants, and Fodel® photoimageable materials.

DuPont’s hybrid circuit materials are relied upon every day in satellite communications, automotive electronics, guidance systems, aerospace, defense/homeland security, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

Hybrid Circuit Materials

  • Thick Film Resistor Materials

    Thick Film Resistor Materials

    DuPont is a leading supplier of thick film resistor materials for use in hybrid applications including chip resistors and networks.

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  • Heatel™ Thick Film Pastes

    Heatel™ Thick Film Pastes

    Thick film on steel substrates bring with them the advantages of low thermal mass, meaning quicker-heat up rate, improved controllability and therefore economy to the customer.

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  • Laser Structurable Pastes

    Laser Structurable Pastes

    DuPont LS series laser structurable metallization pastes provide enhanced fine line capabilities through laser ablation, offering superior resolution to screen printing with sub-100 micron pitch.

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  • Conductive Materials for Hybrid Circuits

    Conductive Materials for Hybrid Circuits

    Conductor materials from DuPont are available in a wide variety of traditional thick film compositions, including silver, gold, platinum and their alloys.

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  • Dielectric & Encapsulant Materials

    Dielectric & Encapsulant Materials

    DuPont offers the widest variety of thick film dielectrics for cross-overs, co-fireable and sequentially fired multilayer applications, including encapsulants and UV-curable polymer thick film (PTF) compositions.

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  • AS Series Paste System for Aluminium

    AS Series Paste System for Aluminium

    DuPont AS series screen printable pastes are designed for creating circuitry directly onto aluminum substrates and heat sinks. The AS series paste is suitable for all applications requiring optimum thermal management such as LED lighting and power circuits.

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  • Fodel™ Photoimigeable Pastes

    Fodel™ Photoimigeable Pastes

    The innovative Fodel™ system from DuPont is a complete photo defined thick film ceramic system, featuring silver and gold conductors and multilayer dielectric materials.