LED Packaging

More light, with lower total cost of ownership. It’s what everyone is working for in the LED backlighting and LED lighting markets, and why DOW CORNING™ silicones are a leader in LED packaging.

Dow brings important and unique innovations, capabilities and expertise to your LED packaging, delivering silicon-based technologies and solutions for the entire lighting value chain. We help improve performance with solutions that overcome heat, protect against stress and transmit more light at every level—reflective materials, die attach, chip coatings and LED chip encapsulants.

Dow offers key solutions for LED packaging:

Dow offers optical-grade encapsulants for LED packaging in 

optimized refractive index values, from 1.41 normal refractive index (NRI) to high performance 1.54 high refractive index (HRI). Our broad optical encapsulant product line can offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of a variety of LED device architectures to help in maximizing device performance and value. Our innovative high refractive index encapsulants extract at least 7% more light from the LED package or chip for greater brightness when coupled with the improved barrier properties of these optical encapsulants.

Silicone-based adhesives offer excellent photo and thermal stability characteristics, with high adhesion strength over a wide range of temperatures. Our transparent LED die attach solutions help meet the needs of ever- more demanding LED packages.

Reflective materials improve light extraction while delivering excellent photo and thermal stability and high initial light output (LOP) and LOP retention.