LED Lithography Materials

Dow Electronic Materials is a pioneer in lithography materials with more than three decades of experience delivering leading-edge lithography innovations. Dow brings this expertise to the LED market with a range of positive-tone g-Line and i-Line photoresists and related ancillaries. These materials are ideal for the imaging process steps used to manufacture LEDs, including pattern sapphire substrate (PSS), positive-tone and negative-tone litho process steps.

Dow’s LED photoresists meet all critical performance criteria:

  • High-resolution capabilities
  • Excellent etch resistance
  • Wide depth of focus
  • Thermal stability

Our lithography materials are produced with the strictest quality standards that address requirements for demanding semiconductor and compound semiconductor manufacturing processes.

1 μm Features, 3 μm Film Thickness, i-Line Wavelength

0.350 μm Features, 12,000Å Film Thickness, i-Line Wavelength