At the Forefront of Lithography Technology

Dow Electronic Materials develops, manufactures and supplies a broad portfolio of innovative chemistry solutions that drive advances in semiconductor microlithography. Our materials improve the performance of semiconductor devices in order to meet our customers’ – and end user's – requirements for next-generation memory and logic chips. Dow’s Microlithography materials have enabled the mobile revolution and its wide range of portable devices, including tablets, smartphones and other handheld and wearable devices consumers use today. We also offer lithographic imaging and metrology services, such as imaging wafers or defect testing.

Litho Technologies Product Portfolio:


  • oBARC
  • Gap Fill
  • SOC / Underlayer
  • DSA-Brush


  • ArF (193 nm)
  • KrF (248 nm)
  • g/i-line
  • EUV
  • DSA-BCPs


  • Top Coats

Pattern Enhancement

  • Trimming (Lines)
  • Shrink (C/H)