CVD Precursors for Semiconductor Fabrication

As the semiconductor industry broadens the use of copper interconnects, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) precursors are addressing new challenges, such as preventing copper diffusion through the silicon substrate, or achieving thin films with low dielectric constants.

We provide a secure, high-quality supply of silicon-based CVD precursors for the global semiconductor manufacturing industry. From chlorosilanes, methylsilanes and, monosilanes, we bring our expertise in producing and handling these critical materials to ensure you receive a dependable, safe, high-purity supply.

Our broad portfolio of specialty gas precursors target production of silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon carbide, silicon oxycarbide, and silicon nitride films. More importantly, their versatile chemistry offers solutions across a number of demanding applications, such as processes that require low-temperature deposition of thin films, high-ĸ or low-ĸ dielectric constants, or filling gaps with high aspect ratios.