Semiconductor Materials

Dow Electronic Materials’ serves the semiconductor and related industries with leading edge technology that supports the advancement of device ‘shrinks’ and increased power for semiconductor devices. A leader and innovator in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and lithography for the global semiconductor industry, Dow’s products include advanced photoresists, BARCs, metallization, CMP pads and slurries and related materials.

CMP Products: Dow Electronic Materials provides materials for planarizing and polishing semiconductors, silicon wafers, and storage media, including:

  • Hard and soft pads
  • Unique slurries

Lithography Products and Materials: Dow Electronic Materials provides advanced photoresists to define circuit patterns on semiconductor wafers and anti-reflectants to improve imaging step and electroplating chemistries, including:

  • 193 nm immersion lithography materials, ArF Photoresists, BARCs, Underlayers, Topcoats, Wide range of photoresists, EUV, ArF, KrF, i-Line, g-Line
  • Anti-reflectants, ArF & KrF
  • Developers and ancillaries

Many semiconductor manufacturing materials, such as spin-on dielectric materials and CVD precursors, benefit from the properties of silicon. Films and dielectrics using silicon provide higher chemical resistance and lower stress during thermal cycling compared to organic alternatives. These qualities improve device performance and offer broader processing windows.

Spin-On Dielectrics: Dow Electronic Materials’ spin-on dielectrics are used widely as inter-level dielectrics in multilevel metal integrated circuit (IC) designs.

CVD Precursors: Dow Electronic Materials provides a secure, high-quality supply of silicon-based CVD precursors for the global semiconductor manufacturing industry.