Thick Film Materials


Innovative, high-performing thick film materials for flexible, rigid and hybrid substrates

The DuPont Advanced Materials Advantage

DuPont brings over 50 years of materials science expertise in developing thousands of metallic, polymeric, and glass materials designed to perform specific functions. Customers look to us to apply our extensive knowledge to create innovative, high-quality materials that will perform well no matter how demanding the application.

For product designers and engineers looking to create or specify high performance printed electronic circuits and components on flexible, rigid and hybrid substrates, DuPont offers the most comprehensive suite of printed electronics products and services available globally. For over 50 years, we have helped hundreds of customers achieve successful design solutions for a variety of applications in consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, telecommunications, military, information technology, energy, photovoltaics, and many other industries.

DuPont also offers a high-performance line of low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) materials to enable high-frequency, high-reliability circuitry for 5G telecom (wireless base stations and smartphones / mobile devices) and military communications applications. In addition, we have the fullest range of high-fire thick-film pastes suitable for high reliability hybrid circuits as well as a broad range of passive component materials.

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Identify the best printed electronic products for your particular application or circuit design
  • Create cost-effective, high-performance, high quality, and scalable printed circuit designs on flexible or rigid substrates
  • Access our global team that can support your design and manufacturing value chain, wherever they are located
  • Deliver quality solutions quickly and meet your industry’s fast design cycles


DuPont’s extensive thick film product line provides maximum design flexibility in terms of substrate compatibility: ranging from low temperature curable pastes suitable for PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene and PET substrates, to high performance pastes that can perform up to 250°C on high-temperature flexible substrates like PEN and DuPont™ Kapton™ polyimide films. Our materials are also compatible with other polymer, glass, metal and ceramic substrates.

Products Families:

  • Hybrid Circuit Materials
  • Passive Component Materials
  • Low-temp Co-fired Ceramic Materials
  • Printed Electronic Materials
  • The category of thick film materials includes a variety of functional inks and pastes used to manufacture electronic circuits. These materials are typically deposited by printing and are between 10 and 20 µm thick.

    Thick film materials appear in electronics designed to support a wide range of industry sectors including consumer electronics, automotive, internet of things, telecom, biomedical, space, and military. Continuing advances in electronics require innovative functional materials to create smaller, thinner, more flexible products.

Thick Film Materials

  • Hybrid Circuit Materials

    Hybrid Circuit Materials

    DuPont offers a broad selection of hybrid circuit materials to meet the requirements of different substrates, operating environments, temperatures, and metallizations.

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    AS Series Paste System

    • AS Series Paste System for Aluminium

    DuPont AS series screen printable pastes are designed for creating circuitry directly onto aluminum substrates and heat sinks. The AS series paste is suitable for all applications requiring optimum thermal management such as LED lighting and power circuits.

    • Conductive Materials for Hybrid Circuits

    Conductor materials from DuPont are available in a wide variety of traditional thick film compositions, including silver, gold, platinum and their alloys.

    • Dielectric & Encapsulant Materials

    DuPont offers the widest variety of thick film dielectrics for cross-overs, co-fireable and sequentially fired multilayer applications, including encapsulants and UV-curable polymer thick film (PTF) compositions.

    • Fodel™ Photoimageable Pastes

    The innovative Fodel™ system from DuPont is a complete photo defined thick film ceramic system, featuring silver and gold conductors and multilayer dielectric materials.

    • Laser Structurable Pastes

    DuPont LS series laser structurable metallization pastes provide enhanced fine line capabilities through laser ablation, offering superior resolution to screen printing with sub-100 micron pitch.

    • Thick Film Resistor Materials

    DuPont is a leading supplier of thick film resistor materials for use in hybrid applications including chip resistors and networks.
  • Passive Component Materials

    Passive Component Materials

    DuPont is a leading global supplier of materials for the resistive and capacitive electronic component markets.

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    • Screen Printed Resistive Materials

    DuPont offers the industry’s widest array of resistive compositions for the most challenging electronics applications, featuring the most attractive system cost/reliability/performance combination available.

    • Terminations & Electrodes for Capacitors

    DuPont thick film multilayer capacitor materials are used to create all classes of capacitors, from resonant circuit to coupling and decoupling.

    • Thick Film Multilayer Capacitor Materials

    DuPont thick film multilayer capacitor materials for ceramic are used in high voltage, high frequency applications including safety mechanisms and energy storage.
  • Low Temp Co-fired Ceramic Materials

    Low Temp Co-fired Ceramic Materials

    DuPont™ GreenTape™ low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) material systems meet increasing demands for electronics functioning in extreme temperatures and other harsh environments

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    • GreenTape™ 951 LTCC System

    The DuPont™ GreenTape™ 951 low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) material system combines the benefits of multilayer co-fired ceramic and thick film technologies to meet the increasing demand for reliable electronics functioning in extreme heat and other harsh environments.

    • GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC System

    The DuPont™ GreenTape™ 9K7 low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) system is ideally suited to applications requiring low loss at high frequencies, while functioning in extreme heat and other harsh environments.
  • Printed Electronic Materials

    Printed Electronic Materials

    DuPont provides conductors, dielectrics, and resistors for use in printed electronics and is a leading supplier of inks for markets as diverse as biosensors and membrane touch switches.

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    • Biomedical Devices

    DuPont produces a range of screen printable inks utilizing various metallurgies and organic systems for use in biosensors. These materials are specifically designed for use in medical monitoring, diagnostics, drug delivery, food and environmental sensors.

    • In-Mold Electronic Technology

    Meet the perfect union of form and function. One that combines an innovative, more stretchable material with dramatic advancements in electronic ink to give interface designers new creative freedom, without any compromise in meeting functional switching needs.

    • Ink Jet Silver Conductive Inks

    DuPont offers electronic inks that cure quickly at low temperatures, expanding the possibility of printing electronics onto an entirely new group of plastic films.

    • Kapton® Conductive Inks

    For applications where extremes of heat and vibration are the norm. Kapton™ KA801 is a screen printable polyimide silver conductor paste. This composition is particularly suited for applications requiring high operating temperatures or challenging environments.

    • Low Temperature Electronic Inks

    DuPont offers electronic inks that cure quickly at low temperatures, expanding the possibility of printing electronics onto an entirely new group of plastic films.

    • Materials for Self Limiting Heaters

    Polymer thick film materials and PTC carbon resistors from DuPont are helping to enhance performance and safety for OEMs and auto drivers.

    • Membrane Touch Switches

    DuPont offers a full range of materials for the membrane touch switch (MTS) market, allowing designers to strike a winning balance between performance and cost.

    • Stretchable Inks for Wearable Electronics

    DuPont advanced materials offer stretchable inks for wearable electronics