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Tinplate on Steel


Tinplate on Steel

Electrolytic Tinplate Coatings for Sheet Steel

DuPont brings extensive experience in steel mill applications for food packaging tinplate using non-toxic MSA tin electrolytes. We offer multiple solutions :

  • Vertically or horizontally oriented lines
  • Soluble or insoluble anodes
  • Isolated or self-fluxing applications

Replacing toxic phenol sulfonic acid (PSA) electrolytes with non-toxic MSA electrolytes creates a sustainable process, providing cost and performance benefits.

Steel mills rely on DuPont’s tinplating products because they:

  • Offer low tin steel (LTS) capability
  • Are compatible with multiple equipment types
  • Offer flexible operation, rapidly switching between thin and thick tin plate
  • Use non-toxic electrolytes
  • Are supported by tinplate experts

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Provide an expert team with global experience for converting from PSA to MSA tin
  • Improve cost and performance with the latest Ronastan tinplate solutions
  • Deliver robust and flexible tin process technology
  • Cold rolled sheet steel (backplate) is electroplated with a layer of tin (tinplate) to protect it from corrosion. The strips of steel move at very high speeds in vertical or horizontal lines, with tight control over deposit characteristics to achieve high-quality tinplate for food packaging.

  • The primary application of tinplate is in the food packaging industry. Quality and cost control are necessary to maintain thin, dense, and uniform tin deposits.

Tinplate on Steel Materials Products

  • Ronastan™ TP-G7 Electrotinning Solution

    Ronastan™ TP-G7 Electrotinning Solution

    A sustainable process that offer cost and performance benefits

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