Uses & Applications


From patterning the smallest features, to the miniaturization of circuits and boards, to colorful, vibrant displays, to furthering 5G, AI, wearables and overall connectivity, our materials are enabling technology advancements today for tomorrow.

Our Featured Uses and Applications

Solutions for High Speed High Frequency

DuPont offers a wide range of customizable solutions including low loss dielectric resins and laminates, conductor metallurgies, ceramics, materials for heat dissipation and power optimization.

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DuPont Smart Materials - Beauty with Invisible Functionality

The Smart Materials business is focused on creatively integrating electronic functionality and traditional building materials to provide value and information not previously accessible to building owners and operators.

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Wearable Electronics

DuPont is a leader in the development of materials for printed electronics applications, including wearable electronics and smart fabrics

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Electronic Materials for Sensors

DuPont develops innovative sensor materials for customers around the globe, suitable for a range of applications and temperatures, including high and low temperature automotive applications, biomedical sensors, touch sensors, and more.

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Printed Materials for Patient Monitoring and Warming

Innovative printed materials from DuPont for patient care are helping to improve comfort, recovery, and outcomes for patients around the world.

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Defogger and Defroster Systems

Silver-based thick film pastes from DuPont are raising the bar for material solutions for defroster and defogger systems, offering the best system cost/reliability/performance available today.

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Conductive Materials for Hybrid Circuits

Conductor materials from DuPont are available in a wide variety of traditional thick film compositions, including silver, gold, platinum and their alloys.

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Membrane Touch Switch Materials

DuPont offers a full range of materials for the membrane touch switch (MTS) market, allowing designers to strike a winning balance between performance and cost.

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