Gaining an edge in the

race to electrification

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Game-changer for battery separators

The race to electrification is heating up and the demand for safer, better-performing electric vehicle (EV) batteries has never been greater. Now it’s possible to make one small but significant change to the battery separator by specifying the use of DuPont™ Kevlar® MicroCore™ to help make the difference between a good EV battery and a game-changing one. 

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Taking EV batteries to the  next level

Thanks to its high-temperature-resistant, superfine fiber structure and unique combination of properties, Kevlar® MicroCore™ can help improve EV battery safety—the number one concern for automotive OEMs and consumers. In addition to helping enable a safer EV battery, Kevlar® MicroCore™ makes it possible to achieve faster charging and discharging, taking EV batteries to the next level of performance.


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