Kevlar® MicroCore™

Safer, better-performing EV batteries

with Kevlar® MicroCore™

The high-temperature-resistant, superfine fiber structure of new DuPont™ Kevlar® MicroCore™ is destined to revolutionize the way lithium ion batteries are made. That’s because when Kevlar® MicroCore™ is used in battery separators for electric vehicles (EVs), the unique combination of properties of this innovative material can help prevent the biggest safety issue for lithium ion batteries—thermal runaway. Testing has shown that it may also enable lithium ion batteries to charge and discharge faster, addressing two key EV performance concerns.


DuPont is working in collaboration with NIPPON KODOSHI CORPORATION (NKK), a Japan-based forward-thinking manufacturer of separators for energy devices including lithium ion batteries, to bring the benefits of this innovative material to the market with NKK’s TopNove™ made with Kevlar® MicroCore™. NKK’s capabilities and expertise in producing thin and uniform paper made them an ideal collaboration partner for this specific project.


Why Kevlar® MicroCore™?


Unlike other materials currently used in battery separators, Kevlar® MicroCore™:


No shrinking

Won’t shrink—even at temperatures up to 300°C

Better ionic conductivity

Enables higher ionic conductivity, ultimately leading to faster charging and discharging

Excellent wettability

Features excellent wettability, allowing use of a safer electrolyte with higher viscosity, which is difficult to use with incumbent microporous separators

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