About DuPont Sourcing & Logistics

How We Buy At DuPont

The Sourcing & Logistics procurement function in DuPont is organized to effectively leverage the buying power of “One DuPont.”

We are structured around three primary categories: Direct (Raw Materials, Energy & Packaging), Indirect, and Logistics.

Each area is led by a global director, and within each of these buy spaces are global managers who work closely with the various DuPont businesses and functions to procure the many, many categories of materials and services needed.

Buy Spaces

Who Can Buy in DuPont

Execution Authority is needed for anyone to procure materials or services on behalf of DuPont.

This authority is granted to personnel in buying roles and on buying teams.

Only someone with the proper Execution Authority can establish an agreement that commits DuPont funds to be paid to a supplier.  

Someone without Execution Authority cannot "buy" on behalf of DuPont.