Accounts Payable

Orders, Invoicing, Credit Memos & Other Financial Transactions

DuPont is committed to achieving on-time, accurate payment. However, there are key points to understand:

  • DuPont’s standard terms are net 90 days from date of receipt of a validand accurate invoice.
  • Web invoicing is required for all Purchase Order (PO) business.
  • Inaccurate invoices will be rejected and accurate resubmission will be required.

Purchase Order Requirements: Overview

Purchase of Materials & Services

A supplier will need a Purchase Order (PO) before work can begin for all materials and services, regardless of the amount. There are limited exceptions to that requirement noted below.

  • Purchases Not Requiring a PO ("Non-PO Purchases"): To purchase goods in an amount of less than $3,000, many departments have a Visa purchasing card (PCard) that can be used. (This method is NOT acceptable for the purchase of services.) If you accept payment via credit card and meet the requirement above, please discuss this option with your DuPont contact to determine if the purchase can be made via the PCard. Otherwise, a PO is required to receive a payment of your invoice.
  • Other Exceptions Not Requiring a PO: Acceptable exceptions include to government organizations, financial institutions, and civic organizations, and payments for payments for utilities, corporate association & membership dues, real estate leases, purchases & relocation, alliance fees & milestones, and recruitment reimbursements.

Please work directly with your DuPont contact to obtain direction on invoicing for your services.

DuPont’s Invoicing Requirements

Follow the instructions below carefully to ensure proper and timely payment of invoices. If an invoice is received and does not comply with the following requirements, it will be rejected and returned for correction.

The invoice must be in English and must include the following information:

  • DuPont PO number
  • Identifying number (invoice number)
  • Invoice date
  • Supplier's name and address (must match PO)
  • Customer's name and address (DuPont entity)
  • Details of the materials or services provided (Note: Materials and services must be invoiced on separate lines and must reference the appropriate PO line item #)
  • Material quantity (must be same UOM as PO and not exceed 3 decimals)
  • Price of goods or services (must be the same currency as the PO)

Additional miscellaneous charges (e.g., sales tax, freight) MUST be separate items on the invoice

Credit & Credit Memos

  • Credits or credit memos must be submitted separately from invoiced charges and submitted to DuPont immediately upon identification.
  • The Credit memo should reference the related PO and/or invoice, if applicable.
  • Under no circumstances should the supplier use credits to reduce future invoices.
  • Suppliers who submit invoices via the Direct Commerce web portal must submit credit memos via the web also.

From W9/W-8BEN-E Requirements

As of January 1, 2015, DuPont requires a completed W8/W9 form for any new supplier and for any change in an existing supplier's name, banking information, or remittance address.

If a supplier has multiple branches/affiliates, then one form can be used with all businesses names clearly listed at the bottom of the form (ABC, Inc., ABC LLC, ABC Corp, ABC LLP., etc.)

Please note that if the existing W9 was filed prior to August 2013, a new form is needed. For W-8BEN-E, if the existing form was filed prior to February 2014, we require a new form. 

These forms are not required for farmers or individuals, or if the supplier is a goverment organization. 

Link to site for Form W-9 and further information on W-9 requirements.

Link to site for Form W-8BEN and instructions and for further information on this requirement.