Journey to Three Supplier Information

Important information about legal entity changes

SUBJECT : Action Required: Changes for DuPont purchasing entities and invoicing instructions.


Dear Supplier:

On August 31, 2017, DowDuPont announced the successful completion of the merger of equals between The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) and E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (“DuPont”), creating a holding company with three divisions: : Agriculture , Materials Science and Specialty Products. DowDuPont intends to separate these divisions into three independent, publicly traded companies.  

We are writing this letter because we require action from you to prevent any late payments to your invoices as a result of this transition.

This change affects your business with heritage DuPont companies.  This letter does not relate to the changes for the entities in the heritage Dow business. If you would like to confirm this notification, please reach out directly to your sourcing contact at DuPont.

It is important to note from now through to April 1, 2019, these entities remain related and affiliated parties, both to each other and to DowDuPont.


What is changing? – “Go-Live”

As a next step of the intended separation, new legal entities have been created and registered with the country authorities. Each of the current and the new legal entities are being restructured to align to only one of the three divisions: Agriculture, Materials Science and Specialty Products.  In addition, there will be three (3) new ERP systems implemented, one for each division.  These go-lives will be occurring by region as outline in the calendar below:

October 1, 2018:  

  • Canada, excluding E. I. DuPont Canada - Thetford Inc.
  • A limited number of legal entities in Europe: GreeceIrelandPakistanRussiaSouth AfricaTurkeyUkraineUnited Arab Emirates, and the Germany Real Estate entity

November 1, 2018: All remaining legal entities in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

January 1, 2019: Latin America

February 1, 2019: United States and E. I. DuPont Canada - Thetford Inc.

April 1, 2019:  Asia Pacific and two (2) entities for Micro Circuit Materials business: DuPont (UK) Electronic Materials Limited and DuPont Electronics Microcircuits Industries, Ltd. (USA/PR)

How does this impact you?

At the go-live date, the open balance purchase orders (goods/services not yet delivered) between you and the businesses of DuPont will be assigned to one of the three divisions (Agriculture, Materials Science or Specialty Products) and therefore to the appropriate DuPont legal entity representing such division in the country.  That may be a legal entity different than the one you originally received the purchase request from.  The purchase order numbers will not change, except where a new purchase request is submitted to you.

You are required to take action to set-up these new legal entities in your systems, and to update the invoicing instructions for the existing entities so that your invoices are correctly issued in accordance with these legal entity changes.  Attached are the lists of the legal entities by division, along with corporate tax identifiers and the future invoicing information. This information is also posted on our Supplier Center web site.

The table below outlines the steps you need to take to ensure a seamless transition of your business/invoices to the appropriate entity.

What you need to do: What you need to know:

1.       NOW: Add the new legal entities as customers in your systems based on the business and locations with which you deliver materials or services, including the new associated invoicing addresses, as listed the attached table(s).

2.       NOW: Update the invoice address information for the current legal entities.

3.       PRIOR TO GO-LIVE DATE: Send all invoices for goods delivered and services delivered prior to the go-live under valid DuPont purchase orders to DuPont Accounts Payable, as soon as possible after delivery, as stated on your existing purchase order documents.

4.       AFTER EACH GO-LIVE DATE: Send all invoices issued after go-live to the new legal entity as of go-live for this country.  See the attached lists by division for the key locations of each division.  If the location has more than one division at this location, and you are uncertain which division the PO is for, you can contact DuPont Sourcing & Logistics personnel directly, or via the regional service center email listed below.


  • Any invoices already received will be assigned and managed as part of our assignment processes to the new ERP systems.  No action is required unless you are specifically contacted about the invoice.
  •  Any new invoices for goods or services delivered after go-live must be issued to the new legal entity and address (see attached tables) to avoid any delay in the payment process.
  • The purchase order numbers will not change except where a new purchase request is submitted to you.
  • Please also note that the limitation on the number of five (5) attachments per email is the same.
  • This change is not expected to affect the products and/or services purchased from your company, nor will it change the technical support or customer service requirements.

Please note that any material or service delivered and any invoice issued to the sites listed in the attached on or after (date), is the financial responsibility of the new entity for that location, irrespective of the DuPont entity that originally issued the purchase order for the goods/services.

If you have any questions or you need additional information, please do not hesitate to let us know.  You can contact DuPont Sourcing & Logistics personnel directly, or via the regional service center email listed below.

We hope to make these transactions as seamless as possible for you.

We greatly appreciate your partnership and thank you for your cooperation during this time of transition.



DuPont Sourcing & Logistics

Asturias Service Center

Latin America Service Center

North America via the DuPont Technology Service Center in India

Asia Pacific Service Center