Medical Device Fabrication

Medical care has made unprecedented advances as innovation in material science continues to transform the industry. Dow Corning continues to be a source of innovative materials to discover new directions in medical device design and application solutions. Our versatile portfolio offers high-performance, medical grade silicone elastomers, adhesives and coatings to meet a range of needs in applications for medical devices, components and attachments.

Customized, biocompatible solutions to meet medical device application needs, including:

  1. Silicone rubbers and elastomers to fabricate extruded or molded parts and devices for applications which require customization and intricacy
  2. Silicone adhesives for wearable monitoring devices, component bonding for external prosthetic devices and medical attachments such as surgical tapes, ostomy bags, drapes and catheters
  3. Silicone coatings for medical device lubrication and siliconization

Solutions to meet regulatory and toxicology requirements

We collaborate with customers to tailor solutions to meet global and/or regional regulatory and toxicology requirements. Our portfolio is built upon a highly regulated supply chain and backed by trusted technical, industry and regulatory expertise. Meeting stringent regulatory standards, indicated products within these portfolios can be used in the development of medical, surgical and diagnostic devices and components as well as short-term human implants.