Reduce Friction, Improve Slip Performance

Slip additives reduce friction in plastic moving parts and solve performance drawbacks of external lubricants such as waxes, greases and silicone oils, which can migrate under stress. However, many slip additives require high loadings, adversely affecting the mechanical properties of finished plastic parts, particularly tensile modulus and impact resistance.

Our advanced silicone additive technology overcomes this issue by delivering high slip performance at dosage levels as low as 2% to 3%, compared to the 15% loading typical of PTFE. Our silicone-based additives lower the coefficient of friction (COF) of your plastic resin or compound more effectively than PTFE to reduce heat, noise, wear and abrasion in finished parts – with minimal compromise to mechanical performance.

These anti-friction additives also help you control costs through lower loadings. By contributing virtually no VOCs, they address the requirements of VDA 278 (10/2011).

Solving Your Application Challenges

DOW CORNING™ COF reducing technologies are particularly valuable in applications such as bearings, gears and conveyor belts; window lifting systems; steering column sensors; roller shutter systems; appliances; sports equipment; and various other applications requiring slip.

Our portfolio provides many options to meet your specific needs in these applications:

  • Short - and long-term COF performance
  • Static and dynamic COF reduction
  • Slow - and high-speed applications
  • In-kind plastics (e.g., POM and POM) and out-of-kind plastics (e.g., POM and PBT) used in sliding partners
  • Minimizing system noise

Find out how we can help you perfect resins and compounds with silicone property enhancement additives. It’s as easy as contacting your representative.