Streamline Processing with Silicone Technology

With a wide range of variables to manage, plastics processors face a complex challenge. Processing can directly affect your system and part costs, quality, consistency, throughput and time to market, to name a few. The stakes are high.

We offer you an industry-leading portfolio of silicone-based additives that optimize injection molding, extrusion and film production. Our products not only improve processing, they surpass competitive materials in performance and cost-effectiveness, thanks to their signature low loadings. Long-lasting silicone technology, which has been proven safe and inert over decades of use, also supports your sustainability and regulatory compliance goals.

Dow Corning Silicone Additives Can:

  • Minimize Die Build-up: Reduce friction and improve resin/filler compatibility to avoid material accumulation - and costly downtime and quality issues - with siloxane additives.
  • Improve Film Production: Prevent friction and surface tackiness that can cause film to adhere to itself and to processing equipment with silicone additives that increase slip and prevent blocking.
  • Increase Flowability: Raise productivity and expand design freedom with ultra-high molecular weight silicone additives that deliver high flow at lower loadings than PTFE.
  • Enhance Mold Release: Achieve easy, clean release with ultra-high molecular weight siloxanes that accelerate throughput, ensure quality and consistency and reduce waste.
  • Reduce Torque: Use our silicone additives to significantly improve slip and flow - even for high-viscosity, glass-filled materials - which lower extruder stress and amperage.

Find out how Dow Corning can help you optimize processing with silicone-based additives. It's as easy as contacting your Dow Corning representative.