Extend Polymer Properties with Silicone Technology

Plastics are amazingly versatile materials, but they are not perfect and are sensitive to temperature, impact, abrasion, chemicals and other environmental factors. As such they command usage of additives to meet the requirements of specific applications or comply with regulations and standards.

To enhance resins and compounds, Dow Corning offers a broad portfolio of silicone-based additives that add or boost desirable properties. Long-lasting silicone technology, which has been proven safe and inert over decades of use, helps maintain key properties over the life of the application better than competitive technologies.

Dow Corning additives can:

  • Reduce coefficient of friction (COF): Provide slip in under-hood automotive parts, gears, industrial equipment and other moving components – without the migration issues of waxes.
  • Add flame retardance: Improve flame retardance and smoke suppression and raise limiting oxygen index (LOI) with non-halogenated silicone additives.
  • Modify impact performance: Increase the durability and resilience of resins and compounds, particularly in extreme temperatures, with silicone-based impact modifiers.
  • Improve surface quality: Significantly improve and maintain the surface quality of plastic parts, with minimal impact on mechanical properties, using our additives.

Find out how we can help you enhance polymer properties with silicone-based additives. It’s as easy as contacting your representative.