Streamline Film Production by Improving Surface Properties

High-volume, high-speed production of blown and bi-axially oriented PE and PP film can be affected by the adhesion of the film layers to each other (blocking) and to the metal surfaces of your production equipment. Blocking may be exacerbated by very smooth or glossy films. Films that repeatedly stick to metal also generate high levels of noise. This is especially problematic with low-density resins such as LLDPE/VLDPE.

Friction between film layers and between film and equipment is another challenge, often requiring slip additives to expedite throughput. However, fatty acid amines used for slip can cause die build-up, while mineral additives such as talc, which prevent blocking, do not significantly decrease the COF of the surface of your film, and impact transparency and/or gloss.

Our silicone additives increase slip (act as a release agent) and prevent blocking and noise while addressing negative side effects of traditional materials. Our advanced silicone technologies help you prevent die build-up and retain the transparency and gloss of the film. These additives also meet FDA regulations for food packaging.

Solving Your Processing Challenges

Our products offer you these processing benefits:

  • More efficient winding after extrusion
  • Increased slip during form-fill-seal operations
  • Reduced stickiness of pellets to prevent clogging
  • Long-lasting reduction in COF
  • Low loadings for cost control

Find out how we can help you improve the processing ease of plastic film while retaining transparency and gloss with silicone-based additives. It’s as easy as contacting your representative.