Maximize Flame Retardance in Filled and Unfilled Polymer Systems

Facing concerns and regulations about the toxicity of halogenated additives, manufacturers and compounders are turning to halogen-free flame retardants (HFFRs). Our silicone-based HFFR technologies provide a low rate of heat release and toxic gas evolution and excellent smoke suppression, while maintaining the resin's or compound's mechanical properties.

Our silicone FR additives target common scenarios:

  1. They act as a synergist in highly filled systems. Through effective dispersion, these additives enhance the performance of FR fillers such as aluminum hydroxide (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide (MDH). This strategy compensates for limitations in the amount of FR fillers that can be incorporated without degrading mechanical performance.
  2. They provide high FR performance in unfilled systems.

Solving Your Processing Challenges

Our HFFR technologies are ideal for highly filled compounds used for wire & cable insulation, window profiles and pipes. They enhances anti-dripping performance and reduces flaming time. They can improve tensile modulus and tensile strength at traction when used at loadings up to 2 wt%.

We draw on 20 years of FR experience to provide high flame-smoke-toxicity performance while maintaining or improving mechanical and aesthetic properties. Other benefits of our portfolio include:

  • Effective at low loadings (2 wt% to 4 wt%)
  • Naturally hydrophobic
  • Proven synergies with other FR additives

Find out how we can help you perfect resins and compounds with silicone property enhancement additives. It's as easy as contacting your representative.