Reinforce Plastics with Silicone Technology

The traditional route to improve strength and stiffness of plastics materials is to use reinforcements such as mineral fillers, glass fibers and carbon fibers. However, these complex composite materials come with their own challenges, including incompatibility, poor dispersion of the stiffener within the polymer matrix and hydrophilic properties that cause unwanted water absorption in your applications.

Another reinforcement strategy consists of modifying the polymer matrix itself using crosslinking or grafting. These types of chemical modifications can enhance specific resin properties such as impact resistance. However, grafting has its own challenges, primarily involving optimization of the chemical bonding process.

Our specialized silicone-based additives help you to overcome material reinforcement issues by improving dispersion, compatibility, hydrophobicity and grafting synthesis. Our products, suitable for reactive extrusion, enable formulators to create high-performance composites with targeted properties without developing a new product from scratch.

Dow Corning Additives Can:

  • Compatibilize Compounds: Strongly bond organic and inorganic materials to create compounds with better performance than either material could deliver by itself.
  • Optimize Filler Dispersion: Effectively disperse Talcum, ATH and MDH FR fillers to deliver a higher LOI value than competitive products can achieve, and prevent agglomeration that can impact performance.
  • Boost Water Repellency by 50%: Leverage the hydrophobic properties of silicone to penetrate deep in the resin matrix and form chemical bonds to minimize moisture uptake.

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