Pakistan adds more life to affordable flatbreads


By Zaighum Zaman, sales manager, DuPont Nutrition & Health, Pakistan and GCC

More than two-thirds of Pakistan’s flatbread is made by consumers in their own home – in most cases in a small village somewhere in the country. Only just over a third of Pakistanis live in the cities, where artisanal corner shops and supermarkets sell industrially produced flatbreads as a convenient alternative to homemade.

Nevertheless, there is good reason to believe that the country’s small to medium-sized industrial manufacturers can look forward to higher sales in the years ahead. After all, the city-dwellers who are most likely to buy them still number around 70 million people.

Short-lived freshness
Flatbreads remain the dominant bread product in Pakistan mainly because of their affordability. Traditionally, they are made in the morning for consumption during the day. Within a few hours, though, much of their freshness will be lost.

So, even a solution that can extend fresh-keeping quality for up to eight hours could be a window of opportunity for manufacturers – as long as the flatbreads are affordably priced.

Moving target for shelf life
Until now, most of the industrial bakers have aimed for a shelf life of up to one week. But that target is gradually moving. The reasons are long transport times from the bakeries to the stores and a high volume of returned products that are past their sell-by date. Keen to reduce expensive waste, bakers are now looking towards a shelf life of 14 days to a month and beyond.

That’s just for the domestic market. A few companies have also set their sights on producing frozen and ambient naan bread for export. For destinations such as North America, fresh-keeping shelf life must then be around 60 days.

Local supplies of high quality wheat are a good starting point for the Pakistani bakery industry. The way forward is opportunities to keep flatbreads soft and fresh without putting up their price.

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