Improve Quality of Fruit Spread, Jelly, and Jam Production

Optimize and add high flavor impact to fruit spread, jelly, and jam production.

Now you can optimize your fruit spread, jelly, and jam production while reducing costs. GRINDSTED® Pectin SF EXTRA is designed to meet all the processing needs of fruit spread, jelly, and jam producers. It simplifies stocks, secures quality, and puts more profit into processing.

Get Optimal Results for All Formulations
This high-performing, multi-functional range of pectin provides optimal results regardless of a formulation’s fruit and sugar content. Manufacturers can utilize one pectin across a variety of fruit-based products, which simplifies warehouse stocks and provides production flexibility.

Enjoy Higher Profit Margins
Reducing complexity reduces costs. The GRINDSTED® Pectin SF EXTRA range offers manufacturers opportunities to reduce development time, inventory, and manufacturing turnovers. One unique range of pectin offers multiple solutions to complex problems.

Experience Faster, Reduced-Energy Processing
With GRINDSTED® Pectin SF EXTRA, jams, jellies, and fruit spreads can be filled at a higher temperature versus traditional pectin types. Not only does this eliminate the need for a preservative to secure shelf life, it also reduces the need for cooling prior to filling, which speeds up processing and lowers energy consumption.

Get Multi-Functional Taste and Texture
GRINDSTED® Pectin SF EXTRA is a universally accepted supplement to the natural pectin content of fruit. With its unmatched functionality, it provides outstanding flavor and enables a wide range of textures to be achieved. And with its versatility, this pectin range will increase consumer appeal, no matter which formulation you use for fruit spread, jelly, and jam production.