Cut Your Yogurt Production Costs while Maintaining High Quality

Enabling yogurt production companies to reduce costs.

When it comes to cutting raw materials, optimizing processes, and reducing waste in yogurt production, DuPont has something for everyone. With our broad experience in fresh fermented applications, we offer manufacturers a range of solutions for producing great yogurt with cost-efficient processes and optimal use of raw materials.

Never Compromise on Quality in Yogurt Production
A major cost-improving opportunity for manufacturers, YO-MIX™ cultures offer many possibilities to optimize yogurt recipes. They provide a high texture and delicious mouth feel in formulations with reduced milk protein.

Combining YO-MIX™ cultures with Grindsted® Pectin SY or other uniquely designed DuPont texture solutions, manufacturers can reduce the solids content of yogurt formulations even further without sacrificing creaminess, smoothness, or viscosity.

Maintain Quality and Reduce Costs on Drinking Yogurt
For a great drinking yogurt mouth feel, turn to the specialty products from the GRINDSTED® Pectin AMD and GRINDSTED® Cellulose Gum AMD range. They’re ideal for value-improved recipes with reduced protein levels.

Improve Sustainability and Business Performance by Reducing Dairy Food Waste
HOLDBAC™ YM Protective Cultures can improve microbial stability and extend the shelf life of yogurt to dramatically improve value. HOLDBAC™ YM reduces naturally the risk of yeast and mold spoilage, which optimizes the supply chain and minimizes consumer complaints.