Healthier Breads with the Taste and Textures Consumers Demand

GRINDSTED® Fiberline helps enable the production of nutritious whole meal bread.

With consumers increasingly focused on their health, general awareness of fiber’s important role in a healthy diet is high. Even so, many consumers simply do not enjoy food with added fiber. Our tailored blend solution, GRINDSTED® Fiberline, ensures that bread made with whole grain maintain its moisture and taste.

Illustrative concepts
DuPont has developed two concepts that demonstrate the potential of GRINDSTED® Fiberline to transform high-fiber breads: a 100% rye bread with sensory properties similar to white wheat bread; and an oat bread containing sufficient soluble fiber to qualify for a cardiovascular health claim accepted by the European Food Safety Authority. Using the technology, bakers can overcome the dense, dry texture and dominant fiber taste characteristic of most whole meal products. Whether made with 100% rye flour or twice the oat content of standard oat bread recipes, the final bread is deliciously appealing.

Create a healthier, more pleasing product with ease
Bread made with a high content of whole meal flour normally has a fast staling rate and a wet, compact and fragile breadcrumb. GRINDSTED® Fiberline eliminates these disadvantages and makes processing is easy and efficient. Bakers can apply GRINDSTED® Fiberline on a standard wheat bread line with no need to invest in additional equipment.