New Research Identifies Consumer “Food and Fitness Continuum” to Support Sports Nutrition & Weight Management Products

Data collected from more than 13,000 consumers in 21 countries forms the basis of an insight-driven new webinar from DuPont Nutrition & Health, designed to help manufacturers develop and market sports nutrition and weight management products. The webinar is available immediately and can be accessed by completing the online registration.

The DuPont Nutrition & Health research, conducted with HealthFocus® International, found the traditional distinctions between the sports nutrition and weight management categories have narrowed and are better represented as a single market that exists along a continuum. This "Food and Fitness Continuum" contains three core consumer segments: personal record performers (competitive, performance-focused individuals), enlightened actives (consumers striving to eat healthy foods to support their active lifestyles) and motivated strugglers (consumers recognizing that weight loss is necessary but who find dieting difficult). Research on these core targets as well as multiple points along the continuum sheds new light on consumer needs, motivations and behaviors for manufacturers.

"We’ve seen a blurring of the lines between the sports nutrition and weight management markets," said Greg Paul, Ph.D., MBA, global marketing director consumer segments at DuPont Nutrition & Health and one of the presenters for the webinar. "Consumption of sports nutrition products has moved beyond the hard core athlete to a more mainstream consumer, while at the other end of the spectrum consumers concerned about their weight have replaced the traditional notion of the short-term diet with a broader and more sustained commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The confluence of these two trends has resulted in the emergence of the continuum."

In addition to the Food and Fitness Continuum, participants can gain insight on subjects and ingredients related to sports nutrition and weight management including muscle health and performance, probiotics, soy protein, fiber and ingredients that promote cardiovascular fitness.

Attendees also will hear from DuPont Nutrition & Health experts Mark Cope, Ph.D., research scientist nutrition science and Michelle Braun, Ph.D., research scientist nutrition science. Attendees interested in registering for the webinar can sign up online.



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