Everyday flatbreads made to last longer


By Casper Høy Simonsen, Bakery application specialist, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Naan, roti, chapatti, baladi – flatbreads go by many names in those countries where they are part of the staple diet. Common characteristics are that they are cheap, simple and, traditionally, have a shelf life of just one day.

A question we are sometimes asked is whether we have any solutions that can keep flatbreads fresher for longer without putting up the price.

From our work with tortillas, we have quite some experience in this area. Our tailored blend of emulsifiers, enzymes and encapsulated acid can maintain the softness and flexibility of tortillas for up to nine months.

Tests in roti
In markets such as Pakistan, Egypt and UAE, industrial manufacturers have far lower expectations for flatbread shelf life – perhaps only one week. To accommodate this shorter timeframe, we have been testing the functionality of a new enzyme blend  in a roti recipe.

A sensory evaluation was carried out four days after the roti were baked. As you can see from the spider diagram , the enzyme blend improves freshness, moistness, foldability and overall liking. The impact on cost is minimal due to the low dose.

All in all, a result we are pleased with. More trials are underway to find out if we can extend the fresh-keeping quality of flatbreads even further.

We tested POWERFresh® FB 601 from the DuPont™ Danisco® range.