Global food protection that supports local manufacturer

Food protection ingredients that support local manufacturer secure high standards which is one of the modern food industry’s most pressing needs. DuPont™ answers this need with deep food industry expertise, a global system, and a commitment to collaborating with customers.

At the global level, the DuPont™ Danisco® state-of-the-art food protection center in Denmark works closely with their application laboratories around the world. Experts at the facility can scan more than 10,000 samples a week, and can work with virtually any food-borne pathogen.

At the local level, multiple pilot facilities are used to reproduce processes and mimic the entire food lifecycle, right through to the end of shelf-life. This allows DuPont™ to deliver food safety systems that are custom-tailored to specific manufacturers’ needs, as well as hands-on support to quickly resolve any problems as they arise. The result is higher quality food for consumers, with increased shelf life that helps manufacturers reduce costs.