Twelve Sure Ways to Reduce Package Seal Failure

Leaks in flexible packaging can result in manufacturing waste and cleanup expense, returns from distributors and retailers, and loss of consumer loyalty and market share. But choosing the right package seal can positively impact manufacturing processes, and even brands.

In this video, Dr. Barry Morris, Senior Scientist for DuPont Packaging, speaks about the value of secure seals for successful packaging solutions, and offers 12 tips for manufacturers on selecting packaging sealants, covering three key areas: sealing temperature ranges, difficult packaging challenges, and the effect of the sealant on other areas of packaging performance.

While many sealants do one or two things well, it’s better to find a solution that excels at all of the major criteria. In addition to producing strong package seals with great consistency, Dr. Morris notes that DuPont™ Surlyn® resin offers excellent clarity to show off products, oil and grease resistance, formability, adhesion to aluminum, abrasion resistance, and puncture resistance, all of which are desirable in various food and beverage packages today.