FReSH key components:


1. Business-led: FReSH is a platform for the private sector to accelerate transformational change in global food systems.

2. Ambitious: FReSH works towards reaching healthy, enjoyable diets for all, produced responsibly within planetary boundaries by 2030.

3. Global: FReSH is globally significant, with 35 multi-national companies already on board, representing almost 800bn in revenue, over 2.5 million employees.

4. Locally grounded: FReSH will leverage WBCSD’s Global Network to ensure its work is locally and regionally grounded. The Network comprises more than 60 local business organizations expanding across the globe, encompassing some 5,000 companies in total.

5. Science based: FResH draws upon findings of world leading scientists and research institutions, such as the EAT Lancet Commission.

6. Impactful: FReSH will develop practical and implementable business solutions, with immediate measurable impact.

7. Innovation: By developing innovative business solutions, FReSH aims to unlock the business opportunities reported by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) to be worth $2.3 trillion annually and capable of generating almost 80 million jobs by 2030.

8. Consumer focused: FReSH takes a consumer perspective, “from fork to farm”. We are addressing a number of solution spaces including diets, consumption, production, performance reporting looking at the what, how and where we need to focus our efforts.

9. Systemic: FReSH aims to transform the food system globally through system thinking and comprehensive solutions.

10. Collaborative: FReSH brings together key stakeholder groups from science, business, policy and civil society to collaborate around a powerful ambition statement – such as the C40 Food Systems Network, the Chefs’ Network, Climate KIC, and WBCSD’s Global Network.