Leadership in Sustainable Food Packaging Innovation

Heike van de Kerkhof, Director of Packaging and Industrial Polymers for EMEA, is a leader for  the DuPont Food and Beverage industry "farm to fork" initiative.  She brings departments together to create sustainable food packaging that meets market needs across the food chain.

DuPont has an 80-year history in providing sustainable food packaging solutions, from puncture-resistant film structures that increase food safety while improving product shelf life, to easy-opening packaging that provides consumer convenience, to ways of reducing the amount of packaging used to help reduce the environmental footprint.

Toward this end, Heike notes that DuPont can leverage its innovations in agriculture, food production and food safety by converting them from one market to another. She also discusses DuPont’s visionary approach to the industry, which focuses on spotting trends early and considers how goods should be packed based on what consumers will want in the future.

Looking forward, DuPont is committed to improving agricultural productivity, food quality, and long-term food safety.