DuPont Performance Materials contributes to the production of a new conveyor belt for safe food processing by Esbelt



Conveyor Belt for Food from Esbelt

Hytrel® is long-lasting and resistant to tears.

New Belt Allows for Both X-ray and Metal Detection

This superior belt helps reduce the risk of particle contamination.

Geneva, October 18, 2016 – DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomer is being used to spearhead development of a ground-breaking metal and x-ray detectable conveyor belt. DuPont Performance Materials collaborated with conveyor belt manufacturer Esbelt, to introduce an innovative and more effective polymer which allow a better detectability to avoid food contamination.

DuPont™ Hytrel® offers the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics to produce conveyor belts. This versatile copolyester allows for detectability whilst maintaining its heat and chemical resistance for a flexible and durable material. It is part of DuPont’s portfolio in metal and x-ray detectable polymers and is an excellent combination to be used in the production of a new conveyor belt with enhanced contamination control.

“Hytrel® is one of the most effective options we offer for flexible conveyor belts. It lasts longer, allows higher flexible strength and is more resistant to potential tear than those made with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). With Hytrel®, Esbelt was able to produce a superior conveyor belt allowing for both x-ray and metal detection, which helped reduce the risk of particle contamination,” said Franco Marabelli, Global Business Consultant, Development Material Handling, DuPont Performance Materials.

“Our partnership with DuPont adheres to regulatory requirements, brand reputation and consumer protection needs to ensure the products are of the highest quality throughout the manufacturing process. It has been tested and approved by major food processors in the US. This new conveyor belt will be able to control the quality of the product on the belt through both metal and x-ray detection and ensure products of the highest quality, while enhancing the ability of food manufacturers to demonstrate due diligence,” said Federico Segura, Managing Director, Esbelt S.A.

Hytrel® is an excellent choice when innovative new designs require the creation of unique parts with multiple performance characteristics. It enables the light-weight belt to reduce power demands, operate quietly, lubricant-free and with less maintenance over long periods. Another product of DuPont’s portfolio of metal and x-ray detectable polymers is DuPont™ Delrin® acetal. With its unique combination of strength, toughness, low wear and friction, Delrin® also brings new solutions to the modular conveyor belt and tools for the food processing industry.

DuPont is a leader in food contact materials, with the industry’s most extensive engineering thermoplastic portfolio adhering to both European Food Contact and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations for food safety. DuPont products have been tested by Mettler Toledo, a global leader in providing weighing, analytical and inspection solutions. Paul King, Sales Head and Market Manager, Safeline X-ray inspection, Mettler-Toledo, commented on the new belt by saying, “This is a great new development for the inspection system industry. The combined approach of both metal and x-ray detection will ensure that all reasonable precautions were taken to identify any physical contaminants.”


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Esbelt was founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1970. Esbelt has a significant international presence, exporting 70% of its product to over 85 countries. Its competitiveness is based on three main elements: optimum value for money, a flat, highly flexible organisation, and the shortest delivery times in the sector. Thanks to its consistent sales policy, Esbelt has acquired a great deal of experience and know-how through working with independent distributors and splicing teams. The combination of the company’s competitiveness and its unequalled emphasis on the services of independent companies, as well as its expert knowledge of applications has enabled Esbelt systematically to grow at a rate well over the worldwide market average.