DuPont at Interplastica: Welcome to the Global Collaboratory™

Advanced materials plus collective ingenuity equal solutions for a sustainable world

Geneva, December 2013 - The DuPont exhibit at Interplastica 2014 reflects the roles that Plastics play in our society and how we in DuPont are enhancing our capabilities to make a difference with our customers and partners in addressing some of the largest challenges the world is facing. Under our banner of “Welcome to the Global Collaboratory™”, we will present at Interplastica 2014 our broad portfolio of advanced materials for a range of industries including the automotive, oil & gas, electrical & electronics, food, healthcare, packaging and construction.

Highlights include  a heavy truck oil pan molded in DuPont™ Zytel® nylon  by ElringKlinger for Mercedes-Benz, fuel line and  air break tube for the automotive industry  made in Zytel® long-chain polyamide and  developmental DuPont™ thermoplastic composites that combine design versatility of plastics, with energy absorbing capability.

Lightweighting solutions - A new era in plastics for the automotive industry

Among DuPont innovations at Interplastica 2014 will be new forward-thinking materials and technologies to significantly reduce structural weight without compromising performance and sustainability.

DuPont  will show a large truck oil pan of DuPont™ Zytel® polyamide resin, injection-moulded by ElringKlinger for Mercedes-Benz, that is up to 6 kgs (50 percent) lighter than aluminium, and can resist stone and gravel chip impact during the typical 1.5 million kilometre lifetime of a truck or bus engine.

To meet a critical need for lighter, stronger structural materials, DuPont is working with automakers and tier one component manufacturers on developmental projects using thermoplastic composites for structural or load-bearing components, such as seat structures, lift-gates, cross members, bumper beams and suspension systems.

Work with PSA Peugeot Citroen on testing a side impact beam using DuPont™, a developmental thermoplastic composite technology, showed a 40 percent weight reduction compared to ultra-high strength (UHHS) steel, while absorbing more energy than metal and short glass-fibre polymer beams. As a result, DuPont™ passed PSA Peugeot Citroën’s crash test, making it well suited for crash components. also offers stiffness performance in temperatures from -40°C to +90°C, and outperforms polypropylene-based composites above 80°C.

Delivering reliable performance to the Oil & Gas industry

DuPont™ Pipelon® is a family of DuPont engineering polymer resins and world class technology designed to serve the demanding field of polymeric pipe solutions for the oil and gas industry. The product and technology addresses today’s market needs for improved permeation resistance to gases such as CO2, H2S as well as methanol and hydrocarbons, wider operating temperature range (-40°C - +115°C),  higher pressure, lighter weight, and lower life cycle cost pipe.

Pipelon® is very versatile and can be used in a number of applications such as down hole for siphon (velocity) and heater strings, CO2 /chemical injection and production tube liners, liners in steel pipe, surface tubulars for gathering and disposal lines and process tubulars for hydrocarbon processing, including steam.

DuPont helps meet the requirements for improved consumer safety, and safety applications

New Sustainability Options for Electrical and Electronic applications

The electrical industry seeks alternatives to the use of halogens as flame retardants for health, safety, and recycling reasons. As part of its sustainability effort, DuPont is also directly engaged in developing resins which allow replacing thermosets which are non-recyclable and developing bio-based materials which can lower CO2 emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Most recently, DuPont has launched a new halogen-free1, flame retardant nylon 66 with enhanced thermal aging. Zytel® FR95G25V0NH retains 80% of its tensile strength when exposed to 200°C for 1000 hours while the primary incumbent materials only retain approximately 50%.

ABB, a leader in power and automation technologies, selected DuPont™ Zytel® FR nylon for direct current (DC) switch disconnecter housings because the material can stand up to extremely high instantaneous temperatures should electrical arcing occur.

1 “halogen-free” as used here indicates that no halogen is added as an intended ingredient.

Food Contact (FG) Products Make Strong Gains

DuPont was one of the first to introduce a specific ‘FG’ portfolio of polymers.  Our food contact materials (FDA and EU food contact compliant) not only use raw materials which comply with the relevant guidelines, but they are also produced in our facilities under GMP (‘Good Manufacturing Practice’) conditions where special controls are in place for products expected to be in contact with food.

This potential is clearly seen in the food processing industry where a food contact-approved, metal-detectable DuPont™ Delrin® FG400MTD acetal has found increasing use.

Swedish company WeLoc - Weland M. AB selected  Delrin® FG400MTD acetal resin for use in a new range of food-industry bag closures for its suitability for ‘snap-closure’ action, durability at -50°C and this particular grade's ability to be seen by metal detectors.

Innovative material solutions for healthcare

Still on the subject of consumer safety and welfare, we continue to expand our dedicated portfolio of SC and PC (special control and premium control) products for the healthcare industry. These grades are represented in our DuPont™ Crastin® PBT, Delrin® acetal, Hytrel® TPC-ET and Zytel® PA product families. The SC and PC products are tested against relevant parts of USP Class VI and ISO 10993,  are manufactured according to GMP, provide sterilization data, with very few exceptions, are FDA and EU food contact compliant, and like FG grades, are globally available.

DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers Addresses Key Market Trends Through Collaboration

Where Sustainability Meets Performance in Packaging

Delivering sustainable, affordable packaging capable of catching consumer attention is an exceptionally challenging task, yet it is absolutely critical in today’s competitive environment. Our collaborative approach with our value chain partners has led us to come up with packaging solutions to address this challenge.

Our materials like DuPont™ Surlyn® help reduce the environmental footprint and cost of flexible packaging structures without trade-offs in packaging integrity or appeal. Similarly, DuPont™Appeel® lidding sealant resin is used to improve the convenience of peelable lids and protect the content by ensuring seal integrity.

Polymer Modification Solutions for Specialised Applications

DuPont has unique polymer technology and application development expertise to tailor and enhance properties of conventional polymers for high-value specialised applications. One of the new developments that DuPont will feature in this area is a new series of DuPont™ Entira™ EP compatibilisers designed for value-adding recycling of difficult to separate mixtures of inherently incompatible polymers. Specific performance demands can be met by selecting specific formulations.

DuPont Titanium Technology is providing value for customer

Where Performance Meets Efficiency

Many film producers balance film thickness, TiO2 content and cost to find the most effective solution for film opacity.  Our DuPont model, available at the exhibit, highlights the effectiveness of Ti-Pure® TiO2 in producing a more opaque backdrop versus increasing film thickness. The model incorporates many fundamental aspects of light scattering to calculate a theoretical opacity of multilayer films.  It also incorporates the ability to calculate opacity with other materials besides titanium dioxide. Using the model, a film producer can easily modulate certain aspects of the film construction such as weight percentage of additives like TiO2, the thickness desired and the number of layers in the film to best fit their opacity constraints.

Where Aesthetics Meets Exterior Durability

Ti-Pure® titanium dioxide grades provide consistent color, superior weathering and processibility to PVC window profile manufacturers.

Consistency of color makes it easier for a manufacturer to match color and control shade on a day-to-day basis.  Ti-Pure® R-105 for white profiles requiring gloss retention keeps window profiles looking shiny longer.  Ti-Pure® R-960 for colored window profiles provides excellent color retention while at the same time requiring less colorant.

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