DuPont™ Crastin® takes Lancôme to new levels by combining aesthetics with high performance

Lancome Eye Liner Using Crastin®

DuPont is Giving Shape to Smart Ideas as the First to Bring PBT Solutions to the Cosmetics Market

Geneva, Sept. 22, 2016 – This year at Luxe Pack 2016, DuPont’s “The Gallery” – Design Materials Collection continues to demonstrate the company’s growing involvement in the cosmetics industry.

A key example of this is Lancôme’s use of Crastin® Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) to develop its new “Grandiôse Liner.” Due to its superior combination of mechanical properties, excellent compatibility with cosmetic formulations and high aesthetics, Crastin® PBT is the perfect response to new cosmetic trends. Through DuPont’s collaboration with Albéa on projects such as the Grandiôse Liner, DuPont has become the first to bring PBT solutions to the cosmetics market. Albéa, a global manufacturer of packaging for beauty, personal care and pharmaceutical products, provides DuPont further opportunities to offer enhanced solutions to the cosmetics market.

“The cosmetic industry strives to provide consumers with products that delight and surprise them. We are constantly trying to innovate. Using DuPont™ Crastin® offers improved performance, affordable prices, a trendy look and environment-friendliness that we have not experienced before. The new Lancôme eyeliner stem provides excellent functionality whilst not compromising the stiffness needed for a seamless application. The metallized ring brings the opportunity to enlarge the decorative techniques,” said Jérôme Liard, New Product & Business Development Director at Albéa.

DuPont launched “The Gallery” in 2015. The Gallery is DuPont’s design materials collection for the cosmetic industry offering creative and innovative packaging solutions whilst maintaining the individuality and brand personality entrenched in the sector.

“We are excited that we can help deliver sustainable solutions for the cosmetics industry’s brand houses and consumers through The Gallery collection. Our R&D team brings together product innovation and customers’ creative cosmetic formulations to provide design freedom whilst allowing “Glamour” and “High Tech” in applications such as the new Grandiôse Liner from Lancôme,” said Alexandra Fabbro, Marketing Development Leader, DuPont Performance Materials, EMEA.

Crastin® PBT is a high performance polyester material, providing excellent dimensional stability and mechanical properties. Developed in response to customer needs and regulatory challenges, this new grade of Crastin® helps customers gain cost efficiency without compromising on performance. It offers an exceptional surface finish allowing for a wider range of decorations such as hot stamping, painting or metallization. DuPont’s state-of-the-art technology and materials address this market trend to move toward polyester and help create beautiful and functional cosmetic and personal care packaging that sparkle and shine. In addition to Crastin® PBT, the Grandiôse Liner also features DuPont™ Surlyn® resins, well known for its superior design and transparency capabilities.

“The Gallery” will exhibit its Design Materials Collection at Luxepack Monaco from September 21st to 23rd 2016. Please visit us at “Maison Surlyn®” on Booth D1, Hall Ravel, to discover further solutions of our portfolio using DuPont™ Hytrel® (TPC-ET) and DuPont™ Sorona® (EP PTT).


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