DuPont Performance Materials celebrates new investment in its Centre of Excellence at Meyrin


Officials and the DuPont Performance Materials team celebrate the new blow molding machine

24 June, Geneva, Switzerland– Today, DuPont unveiled a new 3D Suction Blow Molding machine by ST BLOW MOULDING in its European Technical Center at Meyrin, Switzerland. This project includes the installation of a $1.1 Million 3D Suction Blow Molding machine for Hytrel® and Zytel® blow molding air ducts, as well as a rubber injection molding press and molds for Vamac® rubber sleeve and molded air ducts.  Enhancing the unique lab capabilities in Meyrin reflects DuPont’s commitment to strengthening its application development know-how and provide customers with high quality services.

To celebrate this commitment to innovative science and technology, DuPont welcomed many esteemed guests to inaugurate the upgraded center in Meyrin, an integral part of the DuPont Performance Materials global network of technical centers. Among the attendees were Pierre Maudet, Minister for Economy and Security for Geneva; Daniel Loeffler, Director at Economic Development Office for Geneva; Rolf Gobet, Director of the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI) and Mr Adrien Fohrer, Representative of the City of Meyrin.

Pierre Maudet, Minister for Economy and Security in Geneva, tests the lightweight and resistance of Hytrel® and Zytel® blow molded air ducts

“DuPont’s investment stands for its commitment to cutting-edge technology developed in Switzerland to serve global customers” said Patrick Schriber, Director General DuPont Switzerland.

“DuPont is a key actor for cutting-edge innovation in Geneva, fully committed to local development projects” added Minister Pierre Maudet “I am pleased DuPont continues to see the value in having the Center in Meyrin, and developing innovative new products here.”

This investment in 3D processing is the outcome of a strategic collaboration with ST SOFFIAGGIO TECNICA, a machine manufacturer based in Switzerland and Italy.   DuPont has been working closely with ST SOFFIAGGIO TECNICIA over the past eight years to design the technology to respond to automotive customers’ challenges and give shape to smart design capabilities to effectively replace metal and reduce car weight.

ST BLOWMOULDING is also one of the very few market leaders – prominent in the automotive and technical parts market - to provide suction blow moulding machines with cutting-edge technology. These machines allow a customized processing of thermoplastics tailored to the customers’ requirements.

One of the drivers behind the expansion of the Technical Center is the increasing customer demand for high performance, lightweight polymers which are both performant and cost-efficient. The air duct market is growing rapidly to meet the need for turbo-charged engines that help the automotive industry comply with ever more stringent emission reduction requirements.

DuPont is one of the very few market leaders who can provide customers with sophisticated, tailor-made services around material selection (thermoplastics, elastomers, fibers), design, process, prototyping and lab testing for automotive air duct and turbo hoses. DuPont solutions help customers reduce part weight by up to 50% and part costs by up to 20%.

The Technical Center in Meyrin is part of a global network of DuPont Technical Centers with comprehensive laboratory facilities that conduct research and facilitate collaboration with industry, government, academia and local communities. They develop product and application platforms in support of global market demand.

“We look forward to using the 3D processing machine to further tailor our products from design to production. Being able to customize the plastic processing has meant we can address the needs of the customer and deliver unique solutions. Our emphasis on design, materials and processing solutions reflects our holistic approach to collaborating with customers,” said Olivier Magnin, Technical Director at DuPont European Technical Center of Meyrin.