Capless Fuel Filler Locks Out Wrong Nozzles

Case Study
Case Study
Capless Fuel Filler Locks Out Wrong Nozzles

Ford Motor Company


Ingenious design using DuPontZytel® HTN high performance polyamide has an integrated “Mis-Fuel Inhibitor” involving a neck with an opening and spring-loaded detents that allow entry of only the proper fuel nozzle for a particular vehicle.

Application Description

The capless design delivers several benefits to consumers:

  • Eliminates the need to remove and replace a separate fuel cap.
  • Reduces evaporative emissions by eliminating the possibility of an operator installing a separate cap incorrectly or not at all; the capless unit automatically seals shut when the nozzle is withdrawn.
  • Avoids paint scratches caused by dangling caps.

Developed by Martinrea Industries, Inc. the capless fuel filler with an integrated Mis-Fuel Inhibitor was a finalist in the Society of Plastics Engineer’s Most Innovative Use of Plastics Award in the chassis/powertrain category in 2008.  Ford Motor Company adopted it on several 2008 models in North America, including the Ford Flex, Escape, F150 light trucks and Expedition, and the Lincoln MKS.The capless filler is a multipart, ultrasonically welded assembly of parts molded from Zytel® HTN and only a few metal parts.

Benefits Gained

All-fuel compatibility:  Zytel® HTN resists attack by all motor fuels in use today, including aggressive biodiesel, ethanol and ethanol-gasoline blends.

Rugged design:  The toughness and strength of Zytel® HTN are crucial to the capless unit’s reliability and durability.

Permanent identification:  Using a laser-markable grade of Zytel® HTN, Martinrea permanently etches part numbers and operator instructions on surfaces.

Production efficiency is increased due to the high flow of the heat-stabilized, glass-fiber reinforced nylon, enabling long flow distances, short injection times and reliable molding of thin-walled sections while reducing the energy consumption.

Materials Selected and Why

Zytel® HTN meets this application’s needs for resistance to the full range of motor fuels, toughness, strength, ease of molding in complex shapes, and suitability for ultrasonic welding and laser marking. For more information contact us.


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