Latest Grades of Delrin® Acetal

Delrin® Grades | DuPont™ Delrin®

The various grades of DuPontDelrin® acetal homopolymer resins offer levels and combinations of performance, molding productivity and design flexibility. Current features include low emission homopolymer grades, medium-high viscosity acetals, grades with food contact compliance, and grades for healthcare applications.

Medium-high viscosity grades offer excellent creep and fatigue resistance

Delrin® 300CPE NC010 offers high tensile and impact strength and excellent creep and fatigue resistance. Delrin® 300CPE is available in natural and a fully compounded black formulation which retains the high impact strength and toughness of the natural.

Low emission homopolymers offer high strength and stiffness

The Delrin® product line offers a complete range of acetal homopolymer with very low VOC emissions for interior automotive applications. The very low emission package is available on our standard high productivity/performance grades, toughened grades, lubricated grades and UV-resistant grades.  Delrin® 100CPE, 300CPE, 500CPE and 511CPE offer at least the same high mechanical performance as the standard high performance grades of Delrin® (Delrin® 100P, 300CP, 500P and 511P/DP), including excellent creep and fatigue resistance.

The very low emission toughened grades (Delrin® 100STE, 100TE, 100MTE, 300TE, and 500TE) offer a finer-tuned viscosity range over the standard toughened grades (Delrin® 100ST, 100T, and 500T), with the availability of the Delrin® 300TE.  Delrin® 300TE provides an option for a combination of higher flow and higher impact resistance in a low emissions package.

The lubricated grade Delrin® 100ALE adds very low emission properties to the characteristics (low wear, low friction, etc) of the prior version Delrin® 100AL.

Various UV resistant grades were recently launched with the added feature of very low emissions and are available in natural and a custom red color:  Delrin® 127UVE, 327UVE, and 527UVE.

Materials for Healthcare applications and Food Contact (FG) components

There are a variety of Delrin® grades for Healthcare applications, such as for medical devices as well as for Food Contact components, including standard unreinforced grades and specialty designed grades. Delrin® can deliver an appropriate solution from its broad range of standard products, or from its portfolio of “Special Control” (SC) and “Premium Control” (PC) grades, which are differentiated by a greater degree of testing, manufacturing control and regulatory support. The food contact grades offer compliance with several regional regulations for the food industry. Two recent product innovations are launched: Delrin® SC698 featuring Low COF for Smooth, Easy Device Actuation, as well as offerings for the food processing industry with the Metal and X-Ray Detectable Delrin® FG500MXD BLA090.