Cummins Fleetguard® fuel filters go 50% lighter with DuPont™ Zytel®

Case Study
Case Study
Cummins Fleetguard ® fuel filters replace metal with DuPont™ Zytel®

Oil and fuel filters operate in hot, mechanically challenging environments close to the engine, with internal and external exposure to aggressive oils and fuels, vibration, and low temperature cold-start conditions.

Metal has been traditionally used for the protective outer casing and fittings, but automotive OEMs seek plastic materials like DuPont Zytel® polyamide resin that can fully replace metal at lighter weight, with equal or better burst strength and impact, temperature and chemical resistance.

That metals-to-plastics trend has been successfully demonstrated by Cummins Filtration China, a leader in automotive oil and fuel filtration technology. The company has developed a new generation of its well-known Fleetguard® User-Friendly Filters (UFF) for the global light duty diesel truck market that are 50% lighter, easier to install and remove, and more resistant to dents and damage than comparable metal filters, thanks to a transition to outer shells and assemblies of DuPont Zytel® polyamide resin.

The main body and all parts of Cummins Fleetguard® oil/water separator assembly are made of DuPontZytel® polyamide resin for light weight, durability and cost effectiveness.

The lightweighting, durability and cost saving benefits of Zytel® also extend to the outer shell and fittings of Cummins Fleetguard® oil/water separator assemblies for large diesel engine service. In addition, Cummins also selected DuPont Izon® anti-counterfeit label technology to authenticate its Fleetguard® products and to provide protection to the interests of both Fleetguard® and users.

Protecting engines and customers

“We chose DuPont because of its global supply capabilities and its superior and stable product quality. Using DuPont material helps differentiate Cummins UFF products in the market by enhancing quality, reliability and dependability,” said Jerry Feng, Purchasing Manager, Cummins Filtration China.

“Also, the DuPont Izon® anti-counterfeit label will protect our customers from the risks of engine damage, unexpected downtime and high maintenance expense caused by lower quality will-fits and counterfeits. Only genuine Fleetguard® filtration products keep our customers’ engines running longer, stronger and cleaner,” he added.

The outer shell of Cummins new Fleetguard® User-Friendly Filter is made of DuPontZytel® polyamide resin and is 50% lighter, easier to install and remove, and more resistant to dents and damage than comparable metal filters.

A lightweight solution

“Cummins Filtration used aluminium die castings for the origin filter shell design. At DuPont, we proposed Zytel® as a high performance and lightweight solution that would also save in total cost of the parts. To ensure successful transition from metal, we provided extensive computer-aided design and engineering support, plus technical on-trial assistance to the molder,” said Kenny Wu, DuPont China Customer Account Manager and coordinator of the technical team that collaborated closely with Cummins on the metals-to-plastic replacement program for Fleetguard® fuel, oil and oil/water separator filters.

The product chosen was Zytel® 70G33HS1L BK031, a special 33% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilized grade of nylon 66 resin for injection molding that retains stiffness, strength and mechanical properties despite exposure to high and low temperatures, long life coolant, aggressive engine fluids and chemicals, and moisture.

Proven durability

According to Cummins Filtration, while ordinary metal filters are easily dented and damaged, the outer shell of the Fleetguard® User-Friendly Filter made of Zytel® has a higher burst strength rating with excellent impact resistance. It doesn’t scratch or dent and weighs 50% less than comparable metal filters. The company reports that rigorous field-testing has proven the durability of the advanced composite design even under the most extreme operating conditions.

Cummins describes the Fleetguard® UFF as an easy spin-on and take off filter that provides easy disposal, reduced energy consumption and improved environmental protection. The filter threads are made of Zytel®, so they can’t strip or cause wear to the metal threads of the engine’s filter spud. Also, by eliminating metal parts, there is no danger of metal shards or shavings coming from the filter itself.

While metal-cased filters can be slippery when greasy, the Fleetguard® filters are designed with a textured surface and raised ribs for better grip and extra leverage when installing or replacing.

About DuPontIzon®

DuPontIzon® is a portfolio of overt, covert and track and trace technologies to safeguard global brand owners against the negative impacts of counterfeiting, fraud and diversion.

Although extremely difficult to duplicate, Izon® deep 3D authentication imaging technology is a simple, intuitive, overt security product for instant visual verification of authenticity, and includes hang tags, tamper evident box seals, bottle seals, apparel applications and ID security cards.


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