Solar Junction Box Materials

Solar Junction Box | DuPont™ Rynite®

Rynite® For A Durable Photovoltaic System & Solar Junction Box

UV-resistant DuPont Rynite® offers a combination of properties that can be applied in making durable, strong and cost effective photovoltaic components – from a solar junction box to a module frame and mounting structure components.  Rynite® is a cost-effective and highly durable substitute for metal in photovoltaic systems.

Helping to make solar energy equipment that lasts longer and cost less can help strengthen the alternative energy grid, and help make solar a viable alternative for more manufacturers and end-users.

Solar Panel Choices

Two specific grades are currently available for these applications: Rynite® 935SUV is a 35% glass-fiber/mineral reinforced, UV stabilized grade of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) suitable for injection molding; Rynite® 540SUV is a 40% glass-fiber reinforced, UV stabilized grade of PET suitable for extrusion and injection molding. Both grades combine high stiffness with low warpage, and have been developed to address long-term outdoor applications.

Structural frames and solar junction boxes made with Rynite® can offer:

  • Design/molding flexibility, resulting in manufacturing ease of use.
  • Long-term weatherability.
  • Structural and dimensional stability.
  • Outstanding electrical insulating performance
  • Light weight.
  • A cost-effective solution versus metal.

Design Capabilities

When used in photovoltaic applications, Rynite® can offer a high degree of stiffness for structural strength, excellent outdoor performance, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance and good aesthetics. When used in solar farms, or integrated into building designs as a replacement for metal, Rynite® can significantly reduce the weight of the photovoltaic system by 30 to 40 percent.

Cost-Effective Metal Replacement

Concentración Solar La Mancha S.L. selected Rynite® as an alternative to powder-coated aluminum to house and support the frames of its CPV (Concentrated photovoltaic) modules. Due to the uncertainty and fluctuation of metals prices, Rynite® has become a more cost-effective solution, with an excellent balance of properties and life expectancy similar to aluminum, making it a good candidate for manufacturing structural frames, mounting components, and junction boxes in the photovoltaic industry.