Velcro Companies uses DuPont™ Zytel® to ensure the benchmark reliability of the VELCRO® Brand MIGG product

Case Study
Case Study
Automotive Seat Fastener System | DuPont™ Zytel® nylon

Innovative VELCRO® Brand hook and loop auto seat fastener, already adopted by several leading global automotive OEMs, relies on rugged hook design of DuPontZytel® nylon resin for easy, fast and safe assembly.

Although thousands of sophisticated technical advances have taken place in the automotive industry, millions of car seat trims are still attached to the frame using a labor-intensive ring-and wire method. These fasteners are difficult to manipulate, especially for curved sports car seats, require force, and can cause repetitive strain injuries and tendonitis in workers — so much so that seat manufacturers must change shifts every two hours to relieve the stress on hands and arms.

The traditional ring and wire method of assembly presents another challenge for manufacturers as well. Once the wires are fixed they are not easy to release if a seat trim needs to be repositioned, and this can lead to costly, time-consuming scrap and rework.

So it is not surprising that Tier 1 JIT seat assembly suppliers are calling for a better, more cost-effective and ergonomic way to fix trim covers to seat frames.

A better fastener

Responding to the call, Velcro Companies, manufacturer of the famous VELCRO® Brand fasteners, continues to develop innovative solutions that completely replace the old wires. And the secret of the rugged fixing strip is the company’s benchmark-setting hook design using a special high-viscosity Zytel®  nylon resin for easy processing and long-term durability.

Jurjen Jacobs, Vice President of Global Marketing, Velcro Companies, comments on the advantages of the company’s seat fastener system:

“The combination of the more advanced VELCRO® Brand technology with Zytel® nylon resin has resulted in a high quality automotive seat fastener system matching the fit and finish of traditional wires. The toughness and durability of the resin provides a strong and permanent attachment of the trim cover, and has the added advantages of faster assembly, shorter production time — especially for complex shapes — less worker fatigue, and easier recycling. VELCRO® Brand MIGG products are in use worldwide and have been successfully adopted by several leading global automotive OEMs.”

Quick to see the advantages

Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs were quick to see the advantages of VELCRO® Brand MIGG (mold in gasket generation) fasteners over the traditional ring-and-wire method:

  • Improved ergonomics: easier, faster and safer assembly with significantly lower risk of repetitive strain injury for workers.
  • Increased productivity, lower cost: opportunities for shorter production cycle times and cost efficiencies, particularly for more complex premium model seat assemblies.
  • Better fixation: continuous engagement of the trim cover along the trim line for maximum security, unlike metal wires where attachment takes place only at certain points.
  • Easier rework: possibility of 3 to 5 easy lift-off and reposition cycles if necessary.
  • Faster processing: high viscosity and thermal stability of the selected Zytel® nylon resin grade enables faster molding.
  • Simpler recycling, less scrap: recyclability of Zytel® nylon resin and easy adjustment of trim leads to reduced scrap and rework.

Meeting Velcro Companies requirements

“We specified a Zytel® nylon resin grade offering the blend of flexibility and strength best suited to Velcro Companies’ requirements for the functionality of their hook and loop system. From the processing point of view, its viscosity level and thermal stability combines well with the unique VELCRO® Brand technology, resulting in a highly productive manufacturing process,” says Xavier Soler, Development Programs Manager, DuPont Automotive.

The Zytel® nylon resin grade used is a high viscosity, heat stabilized polyamide 66 for injection molding and extrusion. It offers high mechanical strength coupled with good abrasion and chemical resistance, an excellent balance of stiffness and toughness, plus good electrical and flammability properties. Zytel® nylon resin are typically used in demanding applications in the automotive, furniture, domestic appliance, sporting goods and construction industries.

About Velcro Companies

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