Processing Guide for Zytel® HTN Family of Resins

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Zytel®  HTN Processing Guide

All the resins within the Zytel®  HTN family are based on similar, but structurally different semicrystalline, partially aromatic nylon copolymers. The compositions made from these nylon copolymers have been grouped into the 51 series, 52 series, 53 series and 54 series.

The Zytel®  HTN resins have the following unique combination of properties:

  • Low effect of moisture

            o   Excellent retention of properties
            o   Good dimensional stability

  • Good high temperature properties
  • High melting point range, up to 3l0°C (590°F)

            o   High glass transition temperatures, dry, 80ºC (176°F) to 141°C (286°F)
            o   Low coefficient of thermal expansion, reinforced grades.

  • Chemical resistance to:

            o   Motor transmission and transformer oil
            o   Glycols

Many of these applications involve the extension of existing applications in PA66 and PET/PBT polyesters into areas where higher performance is required, such as higher operating temperatures or higher stiffness in moist environments. Others involve applications that have always been demanding and until now have achieved the required performance with resins like PPS and PEI—where Zytel®  HTN now offers the potential to achieve the required performance at a significantly lower total part cost.

Please review the Zytel®  HTN molding guide for full processing information.

Zytel®  HTN Processing