Zytel® PLUS Performance Data

Zytel® PLUS Nylon Resin | DuPont™ Zytel®

DuPontZytel® PLUS nylon gets its ability to withstand long term exposure to heat and chemicals from SHIELD Technology, only from DuPont.  DuPont SHIELD Technology combines several innovations, including polymer modifications and a special set of additives, to enhance many performance characteristics.

For example, DuPont Zytel® PLUS - can:

  • Withstand longer periods of exposure to hot air vs standard nylon
  • Withstand significantly higher temperatures than standard nylon
  • Withstand more than 3,000 hours exposure to hot oil and 3000 hours exposure to hot automotive coolant
  • Last 2 to 3 times longer than other nylons exposed to aggressive chemicals – such as road salt – and hot environments
  • Retain most of its weld strength after 1000 hours at 210 degrees C, while traditional materials have dropped to almost zero.

These improvements are achieved while maintaining excellent processability and delivering superior surface aesthetics.

The following data charts illustrate the step-change in performance.


Zytel® PLUS nylon products can retain strength when exposed up to 230 degrees C, which more than doubles the performance life of traditional nylon.  This resilience makes these products attractive for use in applications exposed to hot air, including charge air coolers, EGR coolers, turbocharger air ducts, resonators, cylinder head covers, and exhaust mufflers.  Some grades, such as DuPont Zytel® PLS 95G50DH2 reinforced with 50% glass would provide the higher level of stiffness at the upper temperature classes.


DuPont Zytel® PLS 95G40DH1T offers excellent performance in hot oil, showing virtually no drop off in performance despite 5,000 hours exposure to 150°C hot oil. Other members of the family also show exceptional resistance to impact despite 3,000 hours of exposure to hot oil — where performance of traditional nylon dropped to 50% — making these products attractive for all hot oil applications, oil pans, transmission pans, oil filter modules, rocker covers and many transmission applications.


DuPont Zytel® PLS 95G40DH1T nylon is designed specifically to meet  existing aluminum stone impact and heat -and oil-aging requirements,  DuPont Zytel® PLS 95G40DH1T outperforms traditional nylons on the  market today to help ensure a component such as an exhaust muffler or  oil pan withstand impact from gravel and road debris, while maintaining  critical sealing function.


Zytel® PLS 90G30DR retains key mechanical properties during exposure to  hot water or long-life coolant – again, where traditional nylon products  face a 50% drop in performance – making this product ideal for coolant applications and thermostat housings.