Body Repair


Our structural adhesives help enable repair technicians to return vehicle bodies to full strength

Lighter-weight, longer-lasting vehicles bring challenges, and our materials deliver higher strength, durability, and improved acoustic properties for:

• Multi-material bonding 
• Joining and bonding where welding is not possible
• Extended corrosion protection


Approved OEM repair technology

As vehicle designs become more complex, repair requirements are also increasing. Our body repair materials are formulated to adhere to a wide range of metal and lightweight substrates with speed and precision. 

Our BETAMATE™ epoxy systems are OEM approved and certified. Our fast-cure system and  premium strength systems can be used on most metals, alloys, and composite substrates. They are formulated for a long working time to facilitate faster and more efficient repairs. Little preparation is needed. 

BETAFORCE™ polyurethane adhesive systems are ideal for assembling lightweight materials such as carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, aluminum, and sheet molding compound without compromising structural performance.


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