Glass Replacement


Glass is an important part of a vehicle’s structural strength and should always be returned to original specifications

We’ve been partnering with aftermarket distributors and repair companies for decades. We understand how to develop and package products to make repairs faster, easier, and more reliable. From adhesives to applicators or safety gear to training materials – we’re pleased to work with you and help you succeed.


Safety, durability, sustainability, and ease-of-use 

DuPont adhesives have been bonding windscreens and stationary glass since 1963. Our adhesives continue to create reliable seals against moisture, dirt, and fumes; provide added structural integrity; and help reduce/eliminate parts and fasteners.

Now, our BETASEAL™ elastic polyurethane adhesives and BETAPRIME™ primers are used for aftermarket repair of stationary glass. BETACLEAN™ cleaners are recommended to clean vehicle surfaces. Their high-performance characteristics meet the toughest OEM durability specifications while being easy-to-apply.

DuPont also partners with aftermarket distributors to offer certification, training, and other consultative services. Products are available in easy-to-use kits or in stand-alone packages.


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