Battery Assembly


Our AHEAD™ portfolio includes adhesives for battery module assembly that make them safer, more durable, and longer-range

Assembly of electric vehicle batteries creates enormous challenges and opportunities. We collaborate daily with customers to create batteries that improve overall:

• Durability
• Lightweighting
• Connectivity
• Safety
• Range


Building better batteries 

For battery assembly, DuPont adhesives support innovation by eliminating heavier mechanical fasteners and adding structural stability. Everything contributes to a stronger, longer-lasting battery, giving drivers peace of mind. 

We specialize in addressing issues related to:

• Thermal management
• Sealing
• Crash-durability, multi-material bonding
• Anti-vibration systems

All materials are backed by dedicated researchers, engineers, and product specialists who help with everything from concept design to performance testing. We have extensive experience in materials science and understand how to customize adhesives to meet your specifications for:

• Battery lid, case, & frame bonding
• Cell-to-cell bonding
• Semi-structural assembly of module cases & control units
• Battery compartment crash-integrity applications


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