DuPont expert supports US Department of Energy initiative

heavy traffic moving at speed on UK motorway in England at sunset. Last year, vehicles carried 11 billion tons of freight, more than $32 billion worth of goods each day, and moved people more than 3 trillion vehicle-miles.

When the U.S. Department of Energy holds the Vehicle Technologies Office Annual Merit Review in June, Mansour Mirdamadi, DuPont Technical Fellow, will again serve as a principal investigator. In fact, 2021 is his ninth year helping the committee determine how the presented projects contribute to or advance the Energy Department's mission and goals and which projects should get funding.

Reviewers hear 20-minute pitches from companies that are seeking funds and support from the Department of Energy. They consider the project’s breadth, depth, appropriateness, accomplishments, and potential and receive candid feedback from the evaluators.  The U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office provides low cost, secure, and clean energy technologies to move people and goods across America.

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