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DuPont consumer packaging solutions deliver safer ways to protect the contents of every package through innovative and sustainable solutions.

From food and cosmetic packaging to aerosols, valves, and processing additives for flexible packaging films, DuPont combines decades of consumer packaging expertise with a broad portfolio of high-performance resins and polymers to help customers achieve superior barrier performance, excellent tear and puncture resistance, greater design flexibility, enhanced aesthetics, and ease of manufacturing. 


We’re helping customers package their consumer goods in ways that serve the common good

Our world is becoming more and more urban. The result is an increased demand for consumer goods—sustainably packaged in an ever-widening range of shapes, sizes, and materials—often delivered right to their doorstep. With plastic consumption and food waste top of mind, never has it been more vital to preserve quality and integrity along the supply chain.

Our proven polymer and resin technology can help you develop more durable packaging and goods protection, built to survive transport and handling. Our material solutions are designed for ease and versatility in processing and enable innovative packaging aesthetics that appeal to shoppers. Excellent barrier properties ensure food safety and shelf life, and preserve flavor, color, and aroma. These solutions do more than deliver superior performance and value, they meet global regulatory compliance for food and cosmetic packaging.



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Barrier Resin

This amorphous nylon barrier resin provides unique oxygen barrier properties when both wet and chilled. It’s an ideal choice for flavor-sensitive refrigerated foods and beverages

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Permanent Slip “Anti-Block” Additive

Our stable, long-lasting slip additives reduce stress on low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film used in high volume, high speed form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging operations.

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Cosmetic Packaging

These regulatory-compliant materials enable thin wall components and cost-effective manufacturing.

Featured Brand

DuPont™ Selar® PA3426R Amorphous Nylon Barrier Resin 

With unique oxygen barrier properties when both wet and chilled, makes this resin a perfect choice for flavor sensitive refrigerated foods and beverages.

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