Sporting goods


Material science that enables more safety, durability, and comfort in today’s sporting goods design

Our proven Zytel® PA, Delrin® POM, and Hytrel® TPC-ET materials deliver a balance of strength, processability, and outdoor performance to many of today’s leading sporting goods products. We offer Innovation Centers all over the globe to help you innovate more reliable, customized athleisure and sporting goods product design. Work with us to solve your next challenge. 


Our material science performs across virtually every sporting endeavor

From alpine skiing, snowboarding, in-line skating, running, cycling, and e-bikes to wearable wristbands, sunglasses, golfing, climbing, trekking, watersports, and gym activities, there is a DuPont material solution available. Across the entire sporting goods market, we can help you design safer, lighter, stronger, better fitting, and more reliable products for professionals, as well as the athleisure crowd. Let’s collaborate to advance sports activity around the world.

Sporting goods design solutions

Optimizing performance. Maximizing sustainability.

See how we’re using renewably sourced plastics and lighter performance materials to deliver advanced sporting goods products that help your business grow.

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When our material technologies are integrated into real-world product designs, end users benefit in tangible ways, from better fit and performance to more safety and durability.