Celebrating 70 years of MOLYKOTE™ Smart Lubrication™

Press Release | June 12, 2018
Press Release
Celebrating 70 years of MOLYKOTE™ Smart Lubrication

Legendary specialty lubricant brand marks milestone anniversary

Midland, MI - June 12, 2018 - Founded in 1948 by American scientist Alfred Sonntag with "miracle lubes" based on molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), specialty lubricant brand MOLYKOTE™ has long been a trusted partner to engineers and manufacturers, helping them meet the toughest, most complex technical design and lubrication challenges through Smart Lubrication™. In 2018, the brand – which has grown to include a wide range of solutions from mineral oils to synthetics – is celebrating its rich-70-year heritage of providing lubricants engineered to solve difficult lubrication-related problems and save energy by reducing friction and wear.

Backed by strong application expertise and technical support, plus a history of performance and materials innovation, the brand's product lines – including greases, pastes, oils, dispersions, anti-friction coatings and compounds – primarily serve the transportation and industrial markets:

  • For transportation/automotive applications, the brand prides itself on driving mobility innovation with smart science by meeting trend-driven design needs. These include withstanding higher engine operating temperatures, reducing frictional losses for energy efficiency, supporting increasing electrification, and reducing NVH for comfort on current vehicles and for safety on autonomous designs.
  • In the industrial market, the brand's emphasis is on customer-focused, application-matched lubrication solutions to deliver reliability under extreme, severe-duty conditions while continually optimizing costs. MOLYKOTE™ works with customers to enable energy efficiency, help address regulatory mandates and improve productivity.

"MOLYKOTE™ is one of the world's oldest specialty lubricant brands, having been at the forefront of lubrication science and technology for 70 years and offering the broadest range of specialty lubricant products," said Marjorie Dwane, Global Market Manager for MOLYKOTE™ Specialty Lubricants. "In choosing the MOLYKOTE™ brand, our customers have access to lubrication experts with broad application expertise to focus on expertise to focus on advancing the next generation of mobility, product design and sustainable manufacturing. After seven decades, we remain invested in solving our customers' complex challenges in terms of reliability, innovation, cost, and service and support – delivering performance they can trust today and developing trusted technology-driven solutions for the future of specialty lubrication."

Marking a milestone
As part of its anniversary celebration, MOLYKOTE™ has created a three-minute video documenting the brand's history. Two additional videos – one illustrating the many ways specialty lubricants impact everyday life, and one focused on the brand's predictions and aspirations for the future – will be released later in 2018. Information about the full range of MOLYKOTE™ products can be found at molykote.com. About MOLYKOTE™ Smart Lubrication™

For 70 years, customers around the world have trusted the MOLYKOTE™ brand for performance and expertise to solve or prevent virtually any lubrication problem and to save energy through Smart Lubrication™. MOLYKOTE™ solutions are available through a global network of channel partners. MOLYKOTE™ brand lubricants for the automotive market and industrial/maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) markets are set to become part of the Transportation and Industrial market segment of DowDuPont's Specialty Products Division, an industry leader in high-performance engineering resins, adhesives, lubricants and parts. The segment serves engineers and designers in the transportation, electronics, medical and industrial markets. For more information about the MOLYKOTE™ brand, visit molykote.com.

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